About Dog by Dog

Dog by Dog chronicles the lives of shelter animals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as they make their way into foster homes, and then loving, forever homes. In 2007, this open-intake animal shelter had to euthanize nearly 11,000 of the dogs and cats animals that came through its doors. Today, through a variety of initiatives that include a foster care program, off site adoption events and low cost spay/neuter programs, that number has been nearly halved. Still, thousands of friendly, healthy, housetrained, and highly adoptable animals are put down annually simply for lack of space. We are hoping to change that. This blog will share the heartwarming stories of a few good dogs overcoming the worst. With your help, this blog will help network these dogs across America and into loving homes.

4 thoughts on “About Dog by Dog

  1. Love the new blog, Renee! Also, thanks for the groomer recommendation. Our current foster, Remy, is scheduled for his makeover tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on going live – looking forward to reading your doggy tails. Please post photos of all of the pups you’ve fostered and placed!

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