Frida is Lost: Bring Her Home.


This is one of my first fosters, Frida. When she was here, I named her “Blossom” because that is what she needed to do in order to find a good home. She was so shy she pressed herself against the back of the kennel and didn’t want to come out. And when she did, she spent all of her time hiding under my coffee table. But she found the best home I could ever have hoped for, with a poet and LSU grad student whom I have come to adore. And we are all freaked out because a couple of days ago, at their new home in New Orleans, she slipped out through a faulty gate in the yard and disappeared.

I’m writing this post in the hope that those of you with connections in mid-city New Orleans will help look for her. She is still very shy, though not aggressive at all. I suspect she followed a food trail somewhere and got trapped in someone’s backyard. This is not the kind of dog who ordinarily wanders; she LOVES her mom and dad, rarely lets them out of her sight and is the kind of dog who, if let off the leash, runs straight home. They have invested so much time (training her) and money (fast-kill heart worm treatment) and love in her. Please help them get her back.

I really don’t like to post sad stuff, because there’s enough of that out there without me, so let’s not put this in the sad category. My brother’s dog was missing for a year and was returned healthy, safe and sound due to some fliers my mom put up in a supermarket near her house. My friend Patti’s dog hopped her fence and was on the lam for a week before someone put signs up and the woman who had him in her backyard called and returned him.

Let’s bring Frida home. (Meanwhile, I need to get that song “Bring her Home” from Les Miserables out of my head, so please let’s do this fast).

Thank you, beautiful people!