Knightly: From Sad to Happy (very fast)


See this sad fella?

Sad, sad Knightly at the shelter. Way too overwhelming for this sensitive boy.

Sad, sad Knightly at the shelter. Way too overwhelming for this sensitive boy.

Here’s what he looks like 48 hours after being in a foster home. Amazing that the  quiet space in my garage was all he needed to detox from the noise and harrowing experience of the shelter.  And then a little play time with a couple of my dogs.

photo (10)

I wish I could post video here, but my blog isn’t equipped for it. His wrestling sessions with Crespo are pretty hilarious.  Here’s a little sample:

Throwing head back and laughing hysterically (in dog language), while Crespo goads him into playing.

Throwing head back and laughing hysterically (in dog language), while Crespo goads him into playing.

If you’re interested in adopting Knightly, check out his petfinder link:

My pal, Jacinta, may be able to put his wrestling debut on his petfinder link. Please go check him out. He’s a lovely, sweet and submissive fella. And I suspect someone hit him now and then, because he can’t seem to believe when I lift my hand to pet him that I’m not going to strike him :{ He’s so easy going and mellow too; I can’t imagine anyone losing his temper with this Teddy Bear of a guy. He’s timid and shy but warms up quickly and I’ve even gotten kisses already. In other sad news, he is heart worm positive. He needs someone who will see him through that and give him the love he deserves.

Another friend of mine is taking over fostering him tomorrow and I’m really going to miss him. He’s a super easy and calm dog. Please share and help him find a home. He loves other dogs,  ignores cats, and like kids. However, he really startles from loud noises, so he’ll need kids who will be gentle with him and respectful. He warms up slowly but then very surely. Comes bounding when I call him and we’ve only known each other 48 hours.  I can’t say even all of my own dogs do that. Please share Knightly’s story and help him find a home.


See that little blur at the end of Knightly’s butt? That’s his tail wagging. Timid, but happy.


UPDATE (4/14/13): I’ve had Knightly a week and I’ve decided to keep him here another week. He’s come so far I don’t want to change his environment while his confidence is building. Plus, he’s the easiest house guest we have ever had. He had some interest at an adoption event Saturday with a lovely couple I thought might come back and adopt him Sunday, but they didn’t :{ Hopefully, the right person will come for him soon.



Quinn: Black Dog Syndrome

Quinn: Black Dog Syndrome

Patti says she caught Quinn saying a little prayer to help her find the perfect Forever Home.

Photo: Holly Harris

This is my friend, Patti Carson’s foster dog, Quinn, a
darling mini-black Lab mix currently looking for her forever home.

Everyone has that perfect little black dress or jacket that is often overlooked but always makes a person feel like a million bucks; Patti says that’s Quinn too.

Last October, Quinn came into the shelter as a stray and sat huddled in a corner, overlooked for months, probably because of an unconscious bias called “Black Dog Syndrome.”

What is Black Dog Syndrome? As it happens, black dogs have the smallest chance of making it out of a shelter alive because they are difficult to photograph in dim shelter lighting, and potential adopters sometimes think of them as menacing (perhaps from the way Hollywood has typically portrayed aggressive dogs over the years as breeds that come in mostly black, like Dobermans and Rottweilers). Check out this blog on the topic:

When Patti got Quinn bathed, toweled dry and into the sunlight, her glistening black beauty unfolded as did her sweet, calm disposition.

Photo: Jeannie Frey Rhodes

Photo: Jeannie Frey Rhodes

Patti discovered quickly that Quinn loves children and other dogs (Patti has five dogs of her own. Yes FIVE. And Quinn fits in beautifully with the pack that Patti and her husband, Doug call “Dog Nation.”) And at 39 lbs., Patti says Quinn is the perfect size for someone who loves Labs but would prefer a more compact version.

Along with Quinn’s gorgeous, shiny black coat, Quinn sports brindle feet and tiny glimmers of gold sparkling throughout when the sun hits her back. “She is sprinkled with fairy dust,” Patti says. Adore this dog much, Patti?

At about one year old, Quinn loves to play, but she is finished with that challenging puppy stuff that keeps dog owners awake at night. And the best news is, Quinn has tested NEGATIVE for heartworms, and is house trained, crate trained, spayed, current on her vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And for all of this, her adoption fee in Baton Rouge is only $100 through the rescue group, Friends of the Animals ( ) Friends of the Animals, as I’ve said before, does great work, and can always use donations if Quinn has stolen your heart but you’re not in the market to adopt (Any donation “in honor of Quinn” is greatly appreciated and will help offset funds spent on her care and those of other shelter dogs they will help).

For an additional fee, Quinn can be shipped to the Northeast on Rescue Road Trips (, which will transport my former foster dog, Syrus (now Huckleberry) this week. (He passed his vet check and got his health certificate to travel! Hooray!)

Photo: Jeannie Frey Rhodes

Photo: Jeannie Frey Rhodes

While Quinn is full of life, Patti says she is also a cuddle buddy and happiest when snuggled next to her humans or sleeping at their feet.

Patti is selective about who adopts her foster dogs, preferring they will live mostly indoors in homes where they will get plenty of love. If you need a Quinn in your life (and the above describes you), please contact Patti at 225-505-9831 or email her at

Or please pass this along to a friend. While Patti and Doug will hate to see Quinn go, there’s another dog waiting at the shelter for them to save. So treat yourself to an easy, sweet and fun dog like Quinn.

UPDATE: Quinn has had FOUR families call wanting to adopt her since this story was posted. This weekend, there will be meet and greets and Patti will decide which lucky family will get her. Thank you for caring about Quinn and for helping to share her story.  

Here she is below with the lucky family who adopted her today:





Quinn loves all. Including men with glasses and hats.

Photo: Holly Harris. Quinn loves all. Including men wearing glasses and hats.