Toshie & Friends (part 2)


Another guest blog from my friend, Lily: 

I am very happy to report that Toshie is stronger than ever! Today she hits 3 weeks old and I have very high expectations for this little girl. I began syringe feeding her wet food mixed with formula. The first attempt was successful, but a lot messier than I imagined it would be. Even with a towel in my lap, this was the state of my clothes after feeding! At this point, she will even try and eat on her own, typically dunking her entire face into the bowl of gruel.Image

She has also graduated to her “big girl” crate, since she became so adept at climbing out of her nesting box. She has gained another possible breed distinguishing characteristic: little spots on her white socks! So Aussie? Border collie? Time to start playing guess Toshie’s breed!

Toshie has met a bunch of friends along the way at adoption events. They are a little easier to see now that her eyes have fully opened, but you don’t need good eye-site to chew on someone’s finger! And call me crazy (because I probably am!), but Toshie has two new siblings. Two baby kittens that didn’t quite know how to eat on their own came into the shelter at only 3-4 weeks old. I took them to the home of the founder of Project Purr, Peggy Polk, to try them on two momma cats. One was completely insulted by the assumption that she would take care of them while the other, while not as overtly nasty, showed complete indifference. And that’s how they came home with me. One is a Himalayan that was pre-adopted the very first night I took them home. I am not even quite sure what gender that one is because it is such a little fluffy thing! It is the sister I sympathize with. An adorable little thing with gigantic eyes that would typically get her noticed by just about anyone is immediately passed over next to her gorgeous sibling. I have named her Umeko (patience in Japanese) because she is patiently awaiting someone that will be able to withstand the allures of a fluffy kitten and love her! They are both surprisingly social for little babies and are also transitioning to wet food. Bubbie, my Boxer/Bulldog foster who is still looking for his forever home, loves to  assist me in gently “cleaning” the babies in between syringe-fulls.



I know it is blasphemy to advocate for the kitties on a blog titled “Dog by Dog,” but once again I send out a desperate plea for bottle babies fosters, especially for kittens. A lot that come in just need a little education on the marvels of wet food and are all set to eat on their own. It is the season and everyone can do something to help. Please email me if you would like to give it a try at:


Thanks again for following Toshie’s story. Along with all the wet food, milk, and fingers, she is eating up all those positive thoughts!