The Most Coveted Little Dog Bed

The Most Coveted Bed

The Most Coveted Little Dog Bed in the House

These are my dogs, Luna (L) and Crespo (R). Luna was found by a dumpster by my neighbors a few years ago, and Crespo was my 12th foster dog last year. And Crespo was what we call a “Foster Fail.” In other words, I fell madly in love with him and had to make him mine.  (I’m saving that story for a book, so stay tuned).


Anyway, I just thought this picture was funny because there are FOUR dog beds in the house and three of them are large enough to accommodate all of Crespo. But the one in my bedroom is the one that everyone wants to sleep on. And so, even though Luna is a Cranky Pants about sharing her space, these two often jam themselves onto this little square cushion. What a couple of weirdos.

I’d love to hear the weird stuff your dogs do.