Sweetie: Everybody Needs One

Sweetie is available for adoption. And she's a little optimist; psyched about everything!

Sweetie is available for adoption. And she’s a little optimist; psyched about everything!

Today’s guest blog is written by my friend, Lannette, who has fostered many a puppy and kitty in her day. And even entire litters of them. Here, her latest find(s):

“Who does that? That’s so sad! Who could just dump puppies by the side of the road and leave them?” This is what I’ve been hearing almost every day for the past week and a half. But it happens all the time. This time it happened in my neighbor’s front yard. Two adorable pups, about four months old, appeared at some point Saturday night and were waiting, in the exact same spot, Sunday morning for their “family” to come back for them. Except their family never came back.  So, a quick call to my friend, Renee, and we were in touch with the PASS Program. (PASS is an acronym for Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender).

00270 FND Scar catahoula mix - Lannette Cohn - photo 1

This is Scar. He’s a little worried from having been dumped. But taking a break from that right here.

So to add to our pack of three cats and two dogs we now have the two pups; a Catahoula mix the size of a pony and an insanely cute and happy Black Mouth Cur mix. The Catahoula was so despondent about his situation that he had to be carried into the house where he simply lay on the floor with his head down for most of the day. The kids named him “Scar” because, they joked, he was emotionally scarred but it also sounded “tough.”

00271 FND Sweetie black mouth cur mix - Lannette Cohn - photo 2

Oh Sweeeet-aaaaaay!

The Cur, however, is happy to see ya, happy to be here, happy that the sky is blue and happy that it’s raining. She’s pretty dang happy. Her name is Sweetie. She is sweet — super sweet– but that’s not where she got her name. My daughter named her after the assistant of one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta so her name isn’t “Sweetie” it’s “SWEE-TAAAAYYY” as Kim regularly yowls when her wigs need arranging. Unlike her namesake however this Sweetie is happy to see you, will come when she’s called and is very likely to bury your wig in the yard.

And she needs a new family, because hers never came back.

00270 FND Scar catahoula mix - Lannette Cohn - photo 6

Scar is a standout, with beautiful Catahoula markings and the mellowest demeanor of any puppy ever he was sought after as soon as his photo hit Facebook. His adoption is pending and he’ll be going to his new home as soon as he’s fixed, which leaves us with this sweet little nut we call Sweetie. She’s happy and she loves you. She really, really loves you!!!! She’s about five months old, has had all the necessary vet work for her age and will be spayed soon. She wants to play, she wants to watch TV with you, whatever, Sweetie’s up for anything. She’s getting better with the leash and doesn’t “go” in the house. Cute, funny, goofy with a little bit of mischief but really nicely behaved. Sweetie does fine with other dogs, both low energy and high energy dogs, is fine with kids, and fine with cats. She’s a great puppy and will be an awesome companion.

00271 FND Sweetie black mouth cur mix - Lannette Cohn - photo 4

So put your wigs up where she can’t get to them and please contact PASS for an adoption application to make Sweetie part of your family.
Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) works with owners or finders of pets to determine and implement the best solution for them to keep the pet from entering the shelter in the first place. PASS was created to fill in that gap by helping the public find resources to help them keep their pets or pets they have found out of the shelter. PASS offers resources such as pointing people to low cost medical options; help with behavioral resources; food; advocating on their behalf; lost and found resources or rehoming their pet with ad placement.  

PASS does not have a facility to house the pet during the rehoming process – we ask owners or finders to foster the pet.  All pets in the PASS Program are up to date with age appropriate vaccinations, spayed or neutered and microchipped before adoption.   PASS is an all-volunteer program.

p.s. Did we mention Sweetie ignores cats? She does:

Sweetie could not care less about cats.

Sweetie could not care less about cats.

Email:  pass@caabr.org, Phone:  225-366-7277